How to Buy Bitcoin For Beginners

Bitcoin remains the world's most popular cryptocurrency and buying Bitcoin is the easiest way to get started with cryptocurrency.

There are many ways to purchase Bitcoin, but the easiest way is through an exchange. You can find exchanges on the internet that allow you to buy Bitcoin with your credit card or PayPal account. There are also exchanges where you can trade Bitcoins for other coins. You can buy bitcoin with a credit card at exchanges such as CoinBase or Bitstamp. You can also buy it with an online bank transfer at exchanges such as Another way to purchase is with an ACH bank transfer or a wire transfer with an exchange. Most Bitcoin exchanges require you to verify your identity by providing your ID.

Another way to purchase Bitcoin is by purchasing directly from a trader on a site like Here you can see the reviews of different traders and the exchange rates they offer so you can compare and select which trader you want. In order to buy from a trader you'll need to have a Bitcoin wallet set up already to receive the Bitcoins you purchase.

If you want to have complete control over your funds and maximum security, you can create a Bitcoin wallet with a non-custodial platform (non-custodial means that the exchange/platform doesn't own the Bitcoins for you, you own them). This wallet can be online or offline, and it can be created by a third party or by yourself.

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